Thursday, February 11, 2010

Will Write For Travel

The goal: to arrive back in the United States, after a year spent in in Japan, and immediately get an amazing job that pays a huge salary and includes a loyal, but hunchback, butler and an office refrigerator that's always stocked with exotic cheese. In order to reach this goal, I figured I'd put in a little leg work. Or finger work as the case may be. I'm doing a little freelance travel writing for Peter Greenberg, host of a syndicated travel radio program and Travel Editor for CBS News, and my first article has just come out. Yippee!

Next up? Cooking classes in Kyoto and Tokyo...


  1. Whoah, awesome. How did you get hooked up with that dude? Nice to see you're using yr real last name again... :)

  2. Hi, Rachel! I think your blog is hilarious! And you're a very talented writer. I'm interested in travel writing too. How did you get published on that site? Did you send a query letter first? Do they pay you?

    Thanks! Keep up the posts! Yokohama was one of my faves! Beauty pageant contestant?! Brilliant.


  3. Thanks!

    I got hooked up with Peter Greenberg through a friend of a friend. I applied to work for him a bunch of times, and when they actually had a position I was already shipping off for Japan. We had a meeting and he suggested I do some writing. Hopefully this will lead to more writing jobs when I return from Japan!