Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photos of the Week

How do you spell creepy? Um, this photo. It definitely made the walk home more interesting.

Finally! Milk that's NOT for homos. It's about time.

Holy mother of daikon! That's a huge...daikon. Seriously. Kitchen table wide. I've been working on this Ron Jeremy of a vegetable for nearly two weeks, cutting off chunks every single day, and I've almost completely conquered it. It's fresh from my cooking teacher, Yashida-san's, garden and tastes great transformed into kimchee or straight up as a snack.

I can't decide what's better: the look on the cat's face or the man's face. For reasons that only God and Barbra Streisand know, this man was proudly carrying this cat around the market on a clipboard. The cat seemed to have absolutely no issue with this, and calmly perched as passerbyers (including myself) pet it and cooed at it and completely encouraged this man's strange behavior. For the record, the kitty is not angry. There is a special sort of Japanese cat that comes equipped with these little smushed down ears.


  1. Nice photo choices. The huge vegetable is sort of scary.

  2. Stumbled across your blog & just had to say, that breed of cat is a Scottish Fold... I have one myself, she was born and raised here in Chico!

  3. He was doing it for the same reason a man sits his child on his shoulders - so it can see what's going on. I just stopped in first time today - must have been the burrito vibes!