Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Autumn in Kanazawa

As many of you know, I have a sort of love affair with trees. I don't like to hug them, mind you, but I do like to dreamily gaze at them. Words can't describe the way their beauty affects me. Luckily, Japanese people seem to feel the same way. Embarking on a day trip, just to look at Autumn leaves, is a perfectly common weekend activity here.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm lucky to live in the same city as one of Japan's most celebrated traditional gardens. The following photos are of Kenroku-en Garden in the Fall. The leaves on the trees are actually that vibrant and colorful. Oh, and in the lake photo, those are ropes, pulled tight, around the trees to protect them from snow. It's a Kanazawa tradition and many trees around the city are decorated this way.

*Please excuse the sloppy photo layout. Blogspot makes it nearly impossible to make things look clean and neat. It's driving me mad!


  1. What an interesting idea using the ropes to prevent snow build-up!

  2. You must be in tree lover's heaven!

  3. the pics are lovely but...well, maybe you don't remember- you were pretty drunk but....remember that big oak? Out at Greenlake that one time. You two kept trading looks while we played backgammon. Yeah, I noticed. And then when I came back from the bathrooms you had all that bark in your hair. I think you and I should finally talk about what happened.


  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Why so anonymous? Are you who I think you are? I've played many rounds of Scrabble under those (sexy) oaks...but only a few games of Backgammon. Hmmm...

    I'll trade you: details of my sordid Greenlake affair for your identity.


    Not So Anonymous