Sunday, October 25, 2009

A River Runs Through It

Through Kanazawa, that is.

Aesthetics are very important to me. I don't wanna live in no broke down, ugly ass, Joan Rivers without her makeup on, city. No, sir. Which is why I was so relieved to discover that Kanazawa is quite a pretty place, especially during the perfectly warm days of mid Autumn.

About two blocks behind my apartment is the Saigawa River, flanked by long stretches of grass and paved walking paths. So excited! Last week I finally got to tie on my running shoes and take some long walks. (Are they still considered running shoes if you only walk in them? I am such a deep philosopher.) On today's two hour powerwalk, I saw dozens of ducks, a couple of hawks, the biggest toad I have ever seen, a freakishly massive coy, and a tall, long legged, knobby kneed bird with beautiful white wings fishing for snacks with his long, slim beak.

I walked so far, in fact, I hit civilization again. I happened upon Japan's version of Barnes and Noble - the first bookstore I've found with a sizable English-language selection!

Kanazawa is a touristy city, but most of the tourists are Japanese who flock from all edges of the island to stroll through Kenroku-en Garden - considered one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan.

Even I felt zen after walking around the massive garden for several hours. That is, until a drunk middle aged man wearing the ever popular Swine Flu face mask stumbled up to me shouting "Hello! Hello! Hello!" He stunk like a frat house, and swung his arm around my shoulder and squeezed tight while his cronies whipped out cameras and took photos of the freaky American girl with the wan smile.

Unpleasant as he was, he did remind me that I should have some photos with me in them. I have really been enjoying doing things on my own. I actually sort of crave my solo sightseeing time, but realized that it's quite hard to get a photo of myself, therefore proving I have been to the beautiful place. I stopped asking strangers to take my photo because 95 percent of them can't get the job done without cutting off half my face or committing some other Photography 101 crime. So here's what you get! Of me, by me.

Three weeks down, 49 to go!


  1. Great photos! Sounds wonderful.

  2. Wonder woman in Satori-land. And that IS a wan smile! xo

  3. It's kind of like the river that runs through Tucson.

  4. Ha ha ha! Oh, I haven't heard about that river. Maybe Paul can tell me the story some time...